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Peter recorded The Word magazine's podcast with Mark Ellen and David Hepworth in July 2011. The resulting 61-minute conversation, based around Peter's book You Never Give Me Your Money, is an entertaining mix of Beatles anecdote and speculation, with diversions into Bob Dylan's Chronicles and Peter's new Bowie project.

A second podcast for The Word in September 2011, on the subject of David Bowie, featured Peter in conversation with Mark Ellen and Paul Du Noyer. Both were available via the website of the sadly deceased magazine; but can still be accessed via iTunes.

The online magazine Oomska carried out a long e-mail interview with Peter after the publication of You Never Give Me Your Money, which you can read here.

Another lengthy online interview, covering Peter's career as a music journalist, was conducted by Neil Daniels a couple of years ago.


The website for the fabulous artist Rachel Baylis

The one-stop Bob Dylan website Expecting Rain, itself full of daily links to all things Dylan-related on the World Wide Web, plus other stories likely to appeal to rock fans of a certain age.